[Tweeters] Nemesis Bird

Judy Clinesmith jaclinesmith at fidalgo.net
Sun Sep 27 15:58:48 PDT 2015

Ah, on a trip to Greece many years ago, in the midst of the Roman ruins
below the Acropolis in Athens, a hoopoe posed nicely on a rock wall.
Lucky us ! On the other hand, when snow buntings were seen on March
Point in Anacortes a couple of years ago, we made the trip there several
times to not see the snow buntings. They remain a nemesis bird, along
with the great gray owl and Bohemian waxwings. Travels to eastern
Washington looking for Bohemian waxwings yielded a lovely white
gyrfalcon, so we didn't complain. One of the interesting aspects about
birding is that you never know what you are going to see.

Judy Clinesmith
Anacortes WA
jaclinesmith at fidalgo.net

On 9/27/2015 9:50 AM, Teresa Michelsen wrote:

> For me it is the Hoopoe... I have been in many European and other countries

> where it is a ridiculously common bird, and failed to see it! except maybe

> the flash of wings as it flew off or the topknot of head feathers while

> driving by. Someday I hope to be sitting in a park while it struts by in all

> its glory.


> Teresa Michelsen

> North Bend, WA


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