[Tweeters] Inscrutable

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Sep 27 15:40:22 PDT 2015

Sort of semi- bedridden at the moment, here in Port Townsend, I thought I might as well blurt out another Tweeters post.
It was something I thought about in my previous post about owls. It's about obscure eyes. You can tell something about a person, or other animal, sometimes, by looking into their eyes. Sometimes not.
Take the dark-eyed Barred, or Spotted Owls for example. I don't know about you, but when I look into the dark eyes of those birds, I just can't read anything. Kind of like the big dark eyes of a Port Townsend deer, which I looked at a moment ago out in the yard. Those big dark eyes don't give much away. What's going on in those heads, one might wonder. Like trying to see what's going on in a car with heavily tinted windows.
Hard to tell, but maybe not too much - I don't imagine owls and deer to be big thinkers. If they were better thinkers than me, they would make killer poker players, - I don't play, but If I did, I would wish for such dark inscrutable eyes - like, major poker face.
I guess you don't have to wear natures sunglasses to hide your thoughts. Take the bright-eyed frog for example- eyes seemingly blank as a rock, but when a fly comes by, they manage to nab it.
Jeff Gibsonjust trying to thinkPort Townsend Wa

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