[Tweeters] Dancing a change on nemeses

Josh Hayes coralliophila at live.com
Sat Sep 26 16:59:49 PDT 2015

Hi tweets,
I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread (for the record, until recently the Townsend's Solitaire was my nemesis: after I saw one, the dam seems to have burst and they're practically knocking on my door nowadays) -- I have had a few YARD birds that I'd like to see and have yet to see, after 21 years in this house in Licton Springs.
In fact, until this Summer the only orange-crowned warblers I'd seen had been outside my yard, except for the one that went *bonk* into my back glass door and died. A year or so before, a Swainson's Thrush did the same thing, and I have NEVER seen or heard one in my neighborhood, although there is some habitat that might do in a pinch. I've always felt a "nemesis bird" should be one that one really SHOULD have seen by now, so for me that lets out all the real montane species (no worries about snow buntings and ptarmigans for me!), since I've not been in the appropriate location. First time I saw a yellow-headed blackbird was a small group of them foraging next to I-90 out around Moses Lake, as my wife and I were driving from Ohio to Seattle to start our new lives here back in 1991. Man, was that exciting!
Josh Hayes in often-birdy Licton Springs

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