[Tweeters] What Is YOUR Nemesis Bird??

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For some kind of funny bunny reason, there is one bird that I would particularly like to see - a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Back in the day, they were found in Washington State. Early Washington bird book descriptions seemed to lend it an air of mystery- or so it seemed to me. A very interesting, uncommon and shy bird.
Well, I guess my chances of seeing one now in Washington are slim to none. But remember when those downtown Seattle Peregrines were caught on cam delivering a Yellow-billed Cuckoo to their skyscraper nest a few decades ago? That was cool, but I'd prefer to see a real live one. Maybe exceptional eyesight is the key to finding the critter.
Hey, I'm not a big lister, and don't really care so much if I saw the Cuckoo in our state, I just wanna see one somewhere. My sister and brother-in-law have winter digs down in Southwest New Mexico, in a beautiful Arizona Sycamore grove that is actually featured on the Southwest New Mexico Birding Trail map. Listed, on the little blurb for their spot, is the Yellow-billed Cuckoo, as a Summer resident. I've only been there in Winter, but maybe someday.....
Jeff GibsonWhatever Wa.

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This is almost embarrassing. My nemesis is the abundant but well hidden Virginia Rail. I have heard lots of them, seen only one. One whole one. I have seen heads peeking out from the cattails, a tail here and there, but only one whole bird. Rob SandelinSnohomish County
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