[Tweeters] Turkey vultures on the ground

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 15:37:04 PDT 2015

At a backside meadow of Lord Hill Park I literally stumbled onto 5 Turkey
vultures on the ground around a dead deer. I came into the clearing and
stopped and all of them looked up and over at me. I did not move and I guess
they were hungry so they mostly ignored me and went back dipping their heads
into the carcass. They were more or less equally spaced apart and there
seemed to be little aggression between them, a few flicks of the wing were
enough to say, you're too close. This surprised me as the only other time I
have seen them feeding one tended to dominate and drive the others away.
They ate steadily then suddenly they all stopped and looked towards the
river. They hopped away from the carcass, and all of them took flight. I
waited hoping to see what spooked them but never did. They soared overhead
and I ran out of time and had to leave.

Rob Sandelin

Snohomish County

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