[Tweeters] What is YOUR Nemesis Bird??

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Funny how time and distance change nemesis birds. Growing up in Sacramento, I dodged Burrowing Owls regularly while running. Always knew where to find them. Saw White-tailed Kites all the time I went looking for them. Now, the "hot spots" are all houses and seeing either down there is cause for excitement. When I moved up here, Hooded Mergs, Eurasian Wigeon, and Bald Eagles were highlights that quickly became "yard birds". Growing up, I don't think I ever saw an Ibis in CA (20 years of looking) while now they are common in the area where I used to do the Christmas Count.

Time surcharges things.....

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Snow Bunting and Ptarmigan! I've tried in several states to see Ptarmigan and the elusive Snow Buntings.

Until a few years ago my nemesis included Burrowing Owl, but I was lucky enough to see one around Othello on the Sandhill Crane tour. Just one.

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