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Evan Houston evanghouston at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 20:13:05 PDT 2015

Fun topic. I do most of my birding at the "local patch" level around
Seattle, with some additional statewide birding, so of course I have
developed some "nemeses" at both of those levels.

At the "patch" level, the single place I've birded the most is the Montlake
Fill. Checking my eBird records, I have 283 checklists since I started
birding there in 2006. Every time I visit, I scan a particular edge of
cattails that is "reputed" to be the best place at the Fill for American
Bittern, and as I'm walking around, I keep my ears attuned for California
Quail. Still no luck with either species - they are declining in the area
but both are still found by birders annually at the Fill - you'd think I
would've caught a glimpse or heard a peep in at least 1 of my 283 visits!...

At the state level, I've put in at least 5 dedicated searches for Great
Gray Owl with no luck - I am sure I am not alone in having this one as a

Good birding,
Evan Houston
Seattle, WA
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