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Jeff Kozma jcr_5105 at charter.net
Fri Sep 25 19:21:25 PDT 2015

My nemesis birds are Greater Pewee, missed it every time I’ve been to SE Arizona. Also, Spruce Grouse. I really don’t think they exist!

Jeff Kozma

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I must say, with me using Ebird and checking Tweeters on a regular basis, I've been able to find many birds, both common and rare for the area, that I likely would have never seen on my own. However, there are a few species that still elude me.

I already mentioned that I have yet to add Long-billed Curlew to my WA state list, but other birds include Canvasback, American Bittern (for Pierce County), Common Tern, and Western Kingbird here in Western WA. I've missed a few rarities too, such as the Great-tailed Grackle seen in Fife last year. I tried several times but never saw that bird! Oh well, someday, I'll see these birds. :)

Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA

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