[Tweeters] What Is YOUR Nemesis Bird??

Ann Marie Wood amw.5737 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 16:58:15 PDT 2015

I can think of three that could qualify as my nemesis bird: the Baikal Teal that I finally gave up on after more than a dozen attempts.

Three trips to SE AZ have failed to produce Montezuma Quail and I'm beginning to believe the rumor that they are a mythical species.

However, the bird I most want to see is a White-tailed Ptarmigan. I actually made it up to Burroughs with Penny, Amy, and Dasha last year but, alas, all we found was a single whit (WTPT ?) feather.

Ann Marie Wood
Mountlake Terrace, WA

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> I have received several emails lately that have reminded me of some "struggles" over the years...trying for a "Nemesis Bird". This year it was a Franklin's Gull for a photo. Missed 9 times including twice by just minutes before finally a photo at John Wayne Marina.


> In 2013 it was a Western Screech Owl finally found with Mike Clarke at Lewis and Clark Trail SP. Without naming names I know birders who either for a year, life or county list just have not been able find Long Billed Curlew, Ruffed Grouse, Tricolored Blackbird, White Tailed Ptarmigan or something else even if they have been at the right place but just not at the right time.


> What is or has been your "Nemesis Bird"? Share to entertain or just to let all know they are not alone in their misery.



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