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Fri Sep 25 15:11:19 PDT 2015

Bird is present again at the moment for any folks who might want to stop by.

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Hello all,
Late this afternoon I made a quick stop at Haines Wharf Park in North Edmonds to do a short quick scan of the area. Heat shimmer and rough water made distant birds unidentifiable, so I turned my attention to the gulls that roost on the old wharf building there. Pretty quickly I noticed a very dark mantled gull. After eliminating a very dark Western as a possibility due to extensive head streaking I spent some time taking photos and video of the bird. My hunch in the field was either Slaty-Backed or possibly Lesser Black-Backed, but the pale pink leg color among other field marks seem more consistent with Slaty-Backed.

Birders later in the evening were unable to relocate the bird, but it could conceivably turn up at any of the gull roosts on south Whidbey Island or the Kitsap Peninsula as well as Edmonds.

A couple photos are on my Flickr page:

Josh Adams
Lynnwood, WA

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