[Tweeters] Coast Yesterday - Ocean Shores Side

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Sep 24 10:37:44 PDT 2015

I had received a lot of encouraging emails about
finding photo-friendly Lapland Longspurs at the
Oyhut Game Range so I headed off early with camera
in hand. Since high tides were at 9:30 a.m./p.m.,
planning a trip was a little challenging since I
just could not figure out how to bird Bottle Beach
with my usual 2.5 hours before high tide approach
- either at night or morning - just not good
light. So Bottle Beach fell aside. My first stop
was at the Hoquiam STP where reshaping work
continues and the only shorebirds were a few
Killdeer and the best bird was a Merlin.

Then it was on to the Oyhut Game Range - walking
in through the Tonquin side. A single car was
there when I arrived and it turned out to belong
to Jason Vassallo who I met on the range a bit
later. As I walked out through the grass and mud
it was clear that it was NOT going to be a great
shorebird day BUT there were many passerines
flitting around in the grass and I was optimisitc
that a Lapland Longspur would be among them.
Indeed the case. When all was said and done the
tally for the morning was at least 7 including one
in partial breeding plumage. They were EXTREMELY
cooperative and produced BY FAR the best pictures
I have of this species. There were even more
American Pipits and many Savannah Sparrows. The
only shorebirds were again a few Killdeer, a
couple of Semipalmated Plovers, some Dowitchers, a
handful of Least Sandpipers and a couple of
Westerns. Jason was searching fro the Ruff and
had had a Golden Plover earlier but no Ruff. He
was going to come back later and look again - hope
he had success.

We then went to the Ocean Shores STP and walked
the ponds. Some peeps and a pair of probable
Pectorals. (Outside chance one was a Sharp Tailed
but could not get a good look/photo). Being close
we then went to the Point Brown Jetty. Jason
immediately spotted a beautiful Ruddy Turnstone.
We also had Black Turnstones and a Surfbird but
neither Tattler nor Rock Sandpiper. We parted
ways and I drove the Beach north of Best Western
up to Griffiths Priday - nothing of note and not
many birds. Mostly Sanderlings, two Black Bellied
Plovers, and a few Western Sandpipers. Time to
head off to the Westport Side - see next write up.

Some pictures can be seen at

Blair Bernson

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