[Tweeters] Peregrine Falcon eating a gull (?) at 3 Crabs in Sequim

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Sure that is a gull? Looks awfully brown. What about Cackling Goose?

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> Due to air turbulence the quality of this video is not good, but I think that the content is interesting. Five of us saw a Peregrine Falcon land on the beach west of 3 Crabs in Sequim. It walked around the beach for awhile and then began eating a large bird which we guessed was a gull. None of us saw it take down a bird so the peregrine most likely returned to a prior kill. It was our understanding that peregrines are not scavengers. I would be interested in other interpretations of what happened.


> https://www.flickr.com/photos/ljcouple/21045392284/in/dateposted/


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