[Tweeters] Sandhill Crane and Gr. White-fronted Geese Gardiner Beach

John Gatchet jfgatchet at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 22:01:20 PDT 2015

I spotted a lone SANDHILL CRANE flying over from my yard here on Discovery
Bay. I watched it go down and traveled to a field along Gardiner Beach
Road where it landed. I drove up the road and saw the bird in the field to
the south of the castle among a group of Canada Geese and It towered over
them. Some four wheelers came by and the crane spooked and flew off to the

Hundreds of GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE have been flying over the last few
days including at night. It has been impressive. Several OSPREY have
passed through in the last few days. Birds are on the move.

John F. Gatchet
Gardiner, WA
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