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>> The September 19 Westport Seabirds trip was the lucky day of the three pelagic trips scheduled for Sep 18-20: better weather than the 18th and not cancelled like the 20th. But, it was still windy with spray so we headed SW for Willapa Canyon as did the trip on the 18th. It was a good choice, even though we could not find the fleet fishing for whiting that had apparently been in the area. By the time we got to the canyon, they had moved on. Still, it was a productive trip. Shortly after crossing into Pacific County waters, we found large numbers of shearwaters feeding on bait, mostly Sooties with smaller numbers of Pink-foots, Buller's and even a couple of Short-tails. All three South Polar Skuas of the day were in the general area, as were several Pomarines. We saw small numbers of adult Sabine's Gulls throughout the offshore waters, and three Arctic Terns. Nearing Willapa Canyon, several Black-footed Albatross, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel and Cassin's Auklets appeared, and we got fantastic looks at a school of Risso's Dolphin. We stopped and chummed over the canyon, and pulled in a couple of adult Parasitic Jaegers that gave good views, and saw our third Humpback Whale of the day breaching. On our return trip, we detoured south a bit to check out a shrimper that was fishing, and were rewarded with some great, close views of Short-tailed Shearwater right off our stern sitting next to Sooties for comparison and a flyby Long-tailed Jaeger, giving us the coveted skua/jaeger slam. As we returned to Grays Harbor, we could see the white caps increasing, and knew that we had been lucky with a weather window.


>> Join us for one of our last few trips of the year, there are still a few spaces open in October.


> Bill Tweit

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