[Tweeters] Sentimental Journey - Books

David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 21 16:00:36 PDT 2015

The Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair will take place on Sat/Sun, October 10/11 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Why is this important? Well for a lot of people of course, it is not & probably never has been. Almost anything can be found & purchased on the internet these days, sight unseen. But while a lot of booksellers made a living as middlemen and still do through the internet, a lot of connoisseurship & enjoyment regarding rare books & prints has been lost. The Seattle show is one of the very few shows still successful in the U.S.

This being so, these events assume a larger importance. So this year Allan Hale, owner of Buteo Books in Virginia is exhibiting. I am sure that many of you have bought new & used books from him in the past. This is a good chance to meet him. He is bringing a group of rare & valuable bird books and we are sharing a booth. Also present on Saturday morning will be another famous bookseller/collector in Dr. Lloyd Kiff. He is sometimes known as "Mr.Egg", being the former curator of the egg collection at the Western Foundation in L.A. and he greatly expanded the reference library at the Peregrine Fund in Boise. Another Saturday morning cameo appearance is being made by Dr. Steve Herman, formerly of Evergreen College and a teacher & friend of many of us.

Best wishes, David, Flora & Fauna, 206-282-0093

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