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Hey tweets, the Fill was sublimely beautiful today, with the leaves changing to gold under a soft blue sky. I don't know if birds can appreciate beauty - certainly they don't experience beauty as we do, though they must have quite an affinity for color and form. But watching a Green Heron on a lazy day like today, with the leaves drifting onto the still waters of Main Pond while the heron stood amid the fall colors, I wonder if that bird felt as fulfilled as I did - peacefully belonging to the day and to that place. Maybe with their smaller brains, birds have a greater capacity than we do to just be.

The songbirds are coming through in large numbers now, especially Savannah Sparrows, which were everywhere. Orange-crowned Warblers and Common Yellowthroats are also present in good numbers. Local residents such as Song Sparrows and Steller's Jays are showing that they had a *very* good breeding year this year. Swallows not so much. Their numbers are really low, at least here. I saw no Barn Swallows this morning, and only two Violet-greens.

The bird of the day for me, though, was a HOUSE WREN foraging in the alder grove (the grove located tsouthwest of the kiosk). It was in the company of two Orange-crowned Warblers, foraging low in the bushes and broken-off tree branches that have formed a kind of woodpile near the art outhouse (or telephone booth) inside the grove. This structure was installed as an outdoor art project a few years ago and consists of a three-sided booth with stained glass squares decorating the sides. Some days, depending on my mood, it seems to be an outhouse. Other days it's more like a phone booth. When I'm feeling particularly fanciful, I believe it's a changing room for a superhero or maybe a hermit's apse. Bewick's Wrens are fond of this structure because it attracts lots of spiders, the wrens' favorite food. When it rains, you can sit on the little bench inside and listen to the raindrops hitting the alder leaves. I'm not usually that crazy about mixing human-made art with wild nature, but I've grown accustomed to this piece and often rest here a little while, surrounded by trees and critters, as the clouds go by.

Here is a poem for you today:

If I collected clouds,
I'd add a beauty today -
veil of white tulle floating by.
But I can't collect clouds
or keep them.
They are not mine.

- Connie, Seattle

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