[Tweeters] a few Skagit birds 9/19

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Sun Sep 20 20:38:00 PDT 2015


Yesterday Sharon and Stewart from Colorado and myself birded various sites in coastal Skagit County. There were heavy clouds in the morning, and wind and occasional light rain later, so I figured 107 species wasn't too bad. We started and ended at the south end of Lake McMurray, which was slow for migrants (a couple warbler sp and Warbling Vireo). But the trail south along the old RR grade had a lingering PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER and SWAINSON'S THRUSH at several spots. Other highlights over the course of the day:

Double-crested Cormorant 320 (high count, March Point)
Black Scoter 2 (first-winter male, female) at Washington Park--rare in Skagit Co
Whimbrel 3 (Jensen)
Black Turnstone 1 (Rosario Beach)
Sanderling 2 (Jensen)
Thayer's Gull 1 (first-winter, March Pt., a few weeks early)
Caspian Tern 30 (various sites--seemed high for this late)
Com. Tern 3 (Swinomish, over dredge spoil island s.e. of March Pt, 1st-winter plus two ad)
Vaux's Swift 45 (Lake McMurray boat launch)
Black Swift 1 (Lake McMurray boat launch)
Dark-eyed (Slate-col) Junco 1 (Skagit WMA, first of season)
WHITE-THROATED SPARROW 1 (tan-striped, FOS, Skagit WMA near boat launch parking in w/other Zonos)
YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD 2 (both male, female in blackbird flock by Hayden Preserve)

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Lake Stevens
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