[Tweeters] Barred owl attack? Why now?

Dan Reiff notcalm at comcast.net
Sat Sep 19 22:09:17 PDT 2015

I was struck by a Barred owl several years ago.
Four small puncture wounds in my scalp. Uncharacteristically, the owl flew toward my face instead from behind me. Was like being struck on the head, hard, with a large stick. Because it drew blood, I called my MD. He said it was important that I had a recent Tetanus shot. Let her know.

Dan Reiff,
Mercer Island
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> A neighbor just came over traumatized from her evening walk having been hit on the scalp by a large owl which I assume is a barred owl since they are common around here now. It was a good 6 inch scratch with a couple of punctures as well. I understand they are territorial around nests but why would an owl attack now?


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