[Tweeters] Sometimes Life is a Beach

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Sep 15 14:11:21 PDT 2015

Sometimes life's challenges can bring one down a bit. As one Tweeter has said, "if you haven't been depressed, you haven't lived!". I may have got that quote wrong - actually I think it had something to do with birding.
But being depressed certainly isn't unnatural for a naturalist - hey just read the environmental news on any given day. And of course we all have our little, or large, personal problems. These days when I get low, I go low - like down to the beach. Here in Port Townsend it's about as low as you can go without a snorkel.
There is that notion of water washing your cares away. Yesterday I was in that sorry state of not even caring, but within moments of stumbling along the shore the gently lapping waves soon washed my cares back in! I really did care. Thats better than being careless, I guess, especially walking down a cobble shore covered with tons of Canadians.
Canadian rocks that is. I like Canada and really love all the beach rocks that country has gifted our area. If you see brightly patterned granitic or metamorphic rocks down on the beach in PT, they ain't from around here- Olympic geology being largely composed of murky colored sedimentary or basaltic rocks. Those colorful beach stones were dumped here by the last continental glacier passing through, now polished by a few thousand years of sand and waves. Beautiful. Of course the rocks aren't really Canadian, or American, because Mother Nature doesn't pay any attention to doofy human political boundaries; her glacier came and went, and left some rocks. Nice.
I was also cheered up by finding a nice chiton shell, the chiton being an interesting intertidal mollusk, with a unique shell of overlapping plates which can have quite a nice aqua color to them. I've long imagined separating out these plates, polishing and piercing them and making dangling earrings out of 'em. I think that would be cool. I don't do jewelry to myself, but enjoy seeing it on other people.
I was feeling good enough by the time I left the beach that the ha ha's of the Mexican Laughing Gulls (Heermann's) were starting to be amusing, rather than irritating - like when me, mister grumpy, first hit the beach and they were having more fun than I was. Or at least it sounded like it.
Jeff Gibsonmoving right along inPort Townsend Wa.

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