[Tweeters] More on the Point No Point Brown Booby

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Sep 13 17:09:58 PDT 2015

I rushed off a quick tweet this morning around 9
when we first saw the Brown Booby. Here is some
more information:
This was a Pilchuck Audubon/Edmonds Birdfest I was
co-leading with Virginia Clark. We had another 11
fun birders including Jeff Bouton who represents
Leica Optics and is a great birder. Our first
stop was at Point No Point and maybe 30 minutes
after we arrived those Leica Optics came in handy
as Jeff spotted what at first looked like a
possible shearwater maybe 1/4 mile away. It then
became closer and clearer that it was not a
shearwater - and it was a Brown Booby - I assume
the same one seen August 21st from the Edmonds
Pier. Jeff is particularly experienced with this
species as he lives in Florida.

The bird primarily flew from west to east perhaps
200 yards from the beach. It remained low to the
water and we had good looks for over a minute
through bins and scopes. Long neck and long
yellowish bill with white face. Dark above and
light belly with dark neck and chest with some
smudging. Believe it was an immature. When I
compared it to my pictures of the August 21st bird
- it was the same. I did not take pictures this
time as I focused more on getting members of the
trip onto it and most had decent looks. The Booby
continued going east/southeast into the open
sound. We looked for it on other stops on the
trip and when we returned to Point No Point around
1:30 but did not relocate it. Definitely the
highlight of the trip.

We also had several small flocks of Red Necked
Phalaropes and about a dozen Western Scrub Jays.
60 species for the day with Killdeer the only
other shorebird.

Blair Bernson

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