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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 12:26:16 PDT 2015

Hey tweets, in the midst of this lovely fall, with the migration in full swing and rarities beginning to show up, now is a good time to remember how dependent we are on preserving habitat in order to see the birds we love. I must admit it took me many years of birding before I made this connection between birds and habitat (duh!) and to realize that my most transcendant moments in the field were the result of many people working tirelessly to keep our wildlands wild. I realized that it was my turn to work for that too.

Now I ask you to take a turn at this wheel.

There are two issues coming up that need our voices to be heard:

• Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is reviewing its listing of Snowy Plovers and Spotted Owls as endangered in our state. They need to hear loud and strong from us that we want them to keep these birds listed. Be it noted that WDFW is not suggesting they should delist these birds; on the contrary, they want to keep them listed. They are required, however, to put their review out to the public and solicit responses. You can be sure there will be voices raised to delist these birds. We need to voice our support for keeping both species on the endangered list. The address to send your support is: TandEpubliccom at dfw.wa.gov <mailto:TandEpubliccom at dfw.wa.gov>

If you want to review WDFW's drafts, email me privately and I will send you the links.

• Seattle's Parks Department is still considering changing the Supplemental Use Guidelines for use of natural areas and open spaces (currently protected from all but the lightest human use) to allow for zip lines, ropes courses, mountain bike trails, and anything else that pops up in someone's fancy (not exaggerating!). They will take public comments until Sept. 17. These natural areas and open spaces were set aside by the City Council many years ago to be preserved for wild nature. Most are in highly sensitive environments: landslide shutes, ravines, and other steep areas prone to erosion. Now the Parks Dept. wants to allow private groups to apply to use these areas for their own profit for so-called "active recreataion," otherwise unspecified. The applicants would not be required to do any scientific, ecological review, nor would the Parks Dept. staff. Approval would be based on "values, not science," though the Parks document fails to specify whose values or how values would be determined. If you want to keep these natural areas reserved for wildlife and only the lightest human use (if any), address your comments to the Parks board and the superintendent (Jesus Aguirre) and email them to: Rachel.Acosta at seattle.gov <mailto:Rachel.Acosta at seattle.gov>. It wouldn't hurt to cc the City Council, either.

If you want more info on these issues, please email me privately. - Connie, Seattle

constancesidles at gmail.com

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