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I received a reply from a nice person from the DFW regarding my question.
She gave me permission to post her response to the list.

" I noticed your post on Tweeters and thought I would drop you a quick note.
The Samish River property that you mentioned is our Samish River Unit. It
is a property that we own the fee title and the Natural Resources
Conservation Service owns the conservation easement. We are currently
implementing a wetland enhancement project on the site. This project
includes development of wetland swales, ponds and raised planting areas.
There will also be placement of root wads and perch poles on the site to
provide other habitat features."

Mike Blue

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Does anyone know what is going on at the East 90 just over the bridge on the
Samish Flats? Last weekend there was construction equipment, large piles of
dirt and many flagged stakes in the field there.
Mike Blue
Renton, Wa

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