[Tweeters] Woodpeckers galore in Kittitas County

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 16:17:28 PDT 2015

Hello Tweetsters - A friend of mine (a non-birder) was hiking on Table
Mountain over the weekend and was telling me that she and her hiking
companions ran into an amazing bonanza of woodpeckers in the extensively
burned area.

She was unable to say which species of woodpeckers, of course, but said
there "must have been 30 of them."

Here is what she says about finding this place:

It is on Table Mountain, close to Mt. Lillian, on an unmarked trail,
just off of Forest Service Road 9712. Here are some directions:

Get on FS 9712 either by going through Liberty or by taking FS 9716
south from Blewett Pass and then turning left and heading east on 9712.
From the Ken Wilcox Horse Camp at Haney Meadow, the unmarked trail with
woodpeckers is approximately 5 miles farther on 9712. You will pass by
two marked trails on your right before encountering the unmarked; the
first is 1373, the Old Ellensburg Trail; the second is 1372. The
unmarked trail is about a mile farther on, right before a big horseshoe
bend in 9712. And a bit beyond that bend is trail 1373.1, which may also
have woodpeckers. This whole area is one big burn.

Jane Hadley
Seattle, WA

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