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Dear Bob and Tweeters,
A white domesticated goose appeared to have migrated with Canada Geese in Skagit County from spring of 2009 to fall of 2013. I would see this one goose in various places, both downriver and upriver, during fall, spring, and winter of those years, but never in summer. The bird would always appear in a flock of Canada Geese.
I know those sightings weren't in your area, but it was such an interesting and fun phenomenon while it lasted!
Yours truly,

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What I forgot to ask has anyone else had a pair of geese like mine in the area?

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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> There were about 600 Canada geese feeding in cut corn field and with them a pair of "barnyard geese"  the male has a knob on it's orange bill the female with typical bill.  Although in the same field but not associated with the pair was a cross of Canada and possibly "barnyard goose"  I say this because of it's large size.  I have pictures of the three birds.


> Bob Flores

> Ridgefield, WA

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