[Tweeters] Will you hurry up! I got places to go.

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 14:55:52 PDT 2015

Today a song sparrow was taking a nice long bath in the bird bath. A female tanager was flitting around, obviously wanting a bath, but the sparrow was having a luxury spa moment and did not leave. The tanager landed several times on the edge of the bath and the sparrow did not move, except once to splash the tanager. Now I know this is anthropomorphic but the tanager landed on a nearby branch and she began to twitch and flit her wings as if pissed off by this local. Finally she worked herself up and flew to the edge of the bath and poked the sparrow a good one with her beak. The sparrow jumped out of the bath onto as nearby branch and shook itself off, its body language saying…sheeesh pushy out of towners.

Rob Sandelin

Watching the drama out in

Snohomish County

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