[Tweeters] The fall feeder frenzy

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 12:00:38 PDT 2015

There has been a distinctive change at my feeder over the last week. The
action is non-stop and very competitive. The local Birds (mostly chickadees
and nuthatches) are lined up and the feeder is attended to pretty much until
its empty. It is hard to count the number birds but it seems like more are
using the feeder than in the summer. The major big difference is what
happens after the birds visit the feeder. During the summer months the birds
would get a seed and then often perch nearby to eat it. Now they take the
seed away and cache it. This seems obvious, storing food for winter, but
it's the first time I noticed it.

Rob Sandelin

Snohomish County

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