[Tweeters] band-tailed & crows in back yard

dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Mon Sep 7 09:30:43 PDT 2015

Maybe the recent soaking brought food (worms?) to the surface in your

Also...forgot to mention a call from a friend here in town to tell me of
her regular sightings of a Great Egret on North Bay (Grays Harbor), and
on Friday the 4th she had a Western Scrub Jay with a few Steller's visit
her feeders on north Duck Lake Dr. here in Ocean Shores.

And the Sooty Shearwater stream continues; Sunday night they were all
flying north, but a large contingent were already roosting for the night
(?) on the water just beyond the flyers. There were also pelicans,
gulls, jaegers, and terns among those flying sooty's but they were
flying in both directions.

It's about to get very quiet in town!

Dianna Moore

Ocean Shores

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