[Tweeters] BirdNote - last week & the week of Sept. 6, 2015

Ellen Blackstone ellen at 123imagine.net
Sat Sep 5 12:04:02 PDT 2015

Hey, Tweeters,

World Shorebirds Day is Sunday, September 6th. Celebrate the day -- Visit our latest photo blog, Late Summer Shorebirds: http://bit.ly/1JFAqEU
Last week, BirdNote aired:
* Northern Cardinal - Meet the Cardinal
* Southwestern Willow Flycatcher
* Swallows on Wires
* Why Birds Collide with Buildings
* Barred Owlets Nap
* Do Parrots Name Their Chicks?
* Alex Chadwick at Big Bend - Vultures!
[And just in case you missed the photo blog celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day on September 5, here it is: http://birdnote.org/blog/2015/08/vultures-natures-clean-crew]
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Thanks for listening!
Ellen Blackstone, BirdNote

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