[Tweeters] Another Intergrade Flicker

Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
Fri Sep 4 13:38:57 PDT 2015

As far as I can tell, our Red-shafted Flickers go to where the Yellow-shafted Flickers live
(higher elevation? other side of the mountains? further north?)(who travels? the males? or the females?),

and when it is time for the young to disburse we start seeing them here.

I would love to be able to see a full Yellow-shafted Flicker in my yard (I too have had intergrades in my yard--one of whom is banded).

More study is needed....

Christine Southwick
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> Hello Tweets,


> Just one hour ago, a male flicker was feeding at our suet. On a whim, I took a second look through my binoculars, and lo and behold - he was an Intergrade! He had the Red-shafted Flicker's red malar, but the heart-shaped red nape mark was thin but visible.


> I got a few pictures, which I will upload to Flickr later and post a link. I look forward to learning more about the status and occurrence of these birds in Puget Sound! There are mysteries and curiosities around us everyday.


> Good birding, Joshua Glant


> Mercer Island, WA


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