[Tweeters] Ross's goose still at Hood Park 9/2/15

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Thu Sep 3 09:53:46 PDT 2015

Hi Tweets and Inlanders -

We made a mid-week trip down to the Tri-Cities this week. The highlight was a stop at the Hood Park Grain terminal (south of Highway 12) where the Ross's goose reported by Mike & MerryLynn was resting comfortably on a barge tie up along with a mixture of Canadas, mallards, and shovelers. The bird is a white adult with black primaries, short bill with no grin patch, and not a lot larger than the mallards.

Thanks to the Dennys for another lifer.

We also stopped by the Dodd Road blood ponds - lots of open water with at least 38 red-necked phalaropes as wall as Western, pectoral, and semi-palmated sandpipers.

-Roy Myers Electric City, WA

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