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I held on to the Tweeters email below regarding intergrade flickers, knowing that I would eventually want to refer to it. And indeed I did today. I took some still photos and videos of an male Northern Flicker intergrade at Lake Sammamish State Park this afternoon. The red “v” on the nape and red malar were clearly visible. You can see the photos and videos (along with some others from today of Osprey, Green Heron and Pileated Woodpecker) here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gene-s_photos/

Although I didn’t post them, I also got some so-so photos of a female Northern Flicker intergrade with just a tiny touch of red on the nape. I’m happy to share them if anyone is interested.


Gene Beall

Sammamish, WA

Gene.beall at gmail.com

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Thanks for sharing that article. The link didn't work for me, probably because of the "Clarice" immediately following the link without a space.

This worked:


Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas

Selah, WA


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a repeat post of a recommendation for an article by Steve Shunk re: flickers

Stephen's latest published article - Puzzling Flickers, Understanding Introgression -has been published in the March/April 2014 issue of the American Birding Association's BIRDING magazine.

You can read it online as a member or try to download here:

http://www.paradisebirding.com/Paradise%20Birding%20PDFs/steve%20shunk%20publications/PuzzlingFlickersIntrogression-Article.pdfClarice Clark

Puyallup, WA. 98371

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