[Tweeters] Sorry Folks ... NO SKUA --- Juvenile Parasitic Jaeger

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Sep 2 19:59:24 PDT 2015

I had not been been able to review my photos
because battery died. I had a good but quick view
from windy ferry deck and the impression was dark
and bulky with yellowish nape and white wing
panels on top of wing. Now at home and with
Photoshop, the bird is less bulky , thinner dark
tipped bill and not so dark on back...a juvenile
Parasitic Jaeger - much more likely of course. I
had just wanted to get the possibility out in case
anyone was going to be in the area. Hope nobody
wasted any time. I have not seen a juvenile
before so nice but NOT as nice as a Skua would
be. Sorry folks.

Blair Bernson

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