[Tweeters] Recent warbler studies coastal China; pipits, shrikes overrun Russian Far East

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Thu Oct 29 06:01:19 PDT 2015


Just returned from three weeks in Northeast Asia, can't resist sharing a few birding highlights. The Russian Far East mainland near Vladivostok was terrific for pipits and shrikes this month. Imagine a 6-PIPIT DAY (581 individual pipits) and 230 EUR. SKYLARKS, October 17th at the north end of Vladivostok, steppe-songbird migration having reached a peak:


The shrikes included two encounters with the hard-to-find CHINESE (GREAT) GRAY SHRIKE, including one videotaped (that same day, posted on the flickr site, don't expect much), but this was eclipsed by an apparent Russia first of a LONG-TAILED SHRIKE last weekend, (love that "raccoon" mask), of which I obtained some decent photos near Perevoznaya, about 65 miles from the North Korean border:



And following up last email, for your fans of Phylloscopus warblers, I've posted 4 of the 8 species photographed on a recent day in Dalian, China. These are a real i.d. challenge, so unlike a lot of our Wood Warblers, but entertaining in their own way. I've got RADDE'S, YELLOW-BROWED right here,



but DUSKY and mainland ARCTIC are in there too with scrolling. And here is the checklist for the good day there:


More Russia photos are being uploaded now.

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