[Tweeters] Unusual DE Junco in Seattle

Mike Wagenbach wagen at uw.edu
Mon Oct 26 10:32:24 PDT 2015

Last night at dusk, I saw what I believe was a Dark Eyed Junco with an unusual facial pattern. It was a fairly quick look, so my description will be quite imperfect. It seemed a little small for a Junco, which I attribute to the poor light. The typical Junco tail flash was seen as it took flight. The colors were fairly subdued, so maybe a female Oregon race. The interesting part was that there was white wrapping around the eye, maybe some dark malar or auricular feathers with the other groups near the eye albinistic? Not quite the same as a Black-Throated Sparrow, but a bit similar. (I've seen a BTSP once in Seattle, and I don't think this was another one.)

If anyone wants a photographic challenge, getting a good shot of this bird in the rain would be one! It was along Linden Ave North (a block west of Aurora) between 95th and 96th Ave, between the Music Center of the NW and the apartment building to the south.

I'm not following Tweeters regularly, so apologies if this bird has already been discussed.

Mike Wagenbach

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