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Sat Oct 24 12:32:05 PDT 2015

Hello, all,

The Sandhill Crane continues this morning at Seattle's Montlake Fill. I
saw it near the trail in the southeast area around 7:30, and when a
couple joggers flushed it, crows harassed it, but it eventually landed
and foraged back toward the trail a bit farther north. It's an
immature, and young cranes, like geese, migrate south with their
parents. If they lose their parents, they sometimes set down in some
green patch with other big birds and linger. If it finds enough food
and makes some accommodation with the joggers, dogs, off-trail people,
and crows when in flight, it might stay awhile.

Off to Discovery Park, I got out to West Point during low tide, where at
least one Rock Wren continues. It was able to find lots of food in the
intertidal zone of the rocks beyond the lighthouse as I watched. I
couldn't believe it was still before 10:30 when I regained the south
parking lot.

As a former ranger at Mount Rainier, I feel obligated to mention playing
recordings for birding is not allowed in the national park (where some
recent public accounts have mentioned using such on the road to
Sunrise). If you're not going to bird ethically
(http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html), please don't entice others to
make similar choices by advertising yours.

24 October, 2015,

Alan Grenon
panmail at fastmail.fm

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