[Tweeters] Lodging needed for bushtit researchers

Sarah Sloane sloane at maine.edu
Fri Oct 23 10:50:59 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I'll be back again this spring to continue my research on bushtits in Discovery Park. I am looking for lodging for my two (very responsible, kind, and quiet) students for 6 weeks (mid-March through April) --- preferably biking distance (or closer) to the park. A shared housing situation would be ideal! And they are happy to share a room.

This year I will be based in Portland where my 2 daughters live and will be commuting weekly to Discovery to join my students. I'll have my van and am looking for a place to park it for 1-3 nights near the park with toilet privileges :-) and electric hook-up. I can do my own cooking in the van.

An odd request, I know. But I am hoping there are some tweeters who can help me out with some leads.

Thanks all and happy birding!! My love to the bushtits -- tell them I'm on my way! I'm sure the miss me (sic).



Dr Sarah A. Sloane
Associate Professor
Dept. of Biology
University of Maine at Farmington
Farmington, Maine 04938

Sloane at maine.edu


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