[Tweeters] Seattle Pine Grosbeak

Jeffrey Bryant jbryant_68 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 21 11:51:51 PDT 2015

For the SECOND fall in a row, I have a Pine Grosbeak in my South Seattle yard.  Last year's visited intermittently for a week (11/9-16,) mainly feeding on fruit in the madrones in surrounding properties.  Today, she presented herself atop my birch, dwarfing the mob of siskins and goldfinches below. While I scrambled for a crappy camera, she flew off, but I can still hear her in the madrone two yards west of me.  Her call is a husky but mellifluous "quidillip," reminiscent of a common call of Western Tanager, which I at first assumed it must be.  I had a late one two days ago.  Thankfully, she flew from the back of the tree to the top, in plain profile view, displaying soft gray, unmarked undersides, dark wings with contrasty white wing bars, and dull yellow rump/cheeks/cap.  Parrotlike bill ridiculously small for the size of the bird.  I've not yet put her on ebird, but anyone who might like to try for her can check the Pine Grosbeak range map on ebird for the marker from last year, near Kubota Gardens.  I haven't checked out the fruit situation at Kubota this year, but last year's bird always came from that direction.Also in the yard, TWO slate-colored juncos in the sparrow flock around my feeder.I picked a good day to play hooky.
Jeff BryantSeattlejbryant_68ATyahoo

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