[Tweeters] Lewis and Cowlitz county RFI

Birder1944 at aol.com Birder1944 at aol.com
Tue Oct 20 11:12:58 PDT 2015

I'm planning to head down to southwestern Washington later this week, and
I want to add to my county lists in Lewis and Cowlitz counties (also
Skamania and Wahkiakum).

In Lewis county, I plan to go out along Big Hanaford Road near what is
called the Centralia Steam Plant, I guess. I'll be mainly looking for ducks
and other water birds. I haven't ever birded that area before, and I
wondered where the access points are that overlook the various ponds. Do you
just look from the main road, or are there other access points?

In Cowlitz county, I plan to bird Woodland Bottoms. I've been there
before, but only briefly and only in the north part of it, birding from my car.
This time I want to spend more time there and visit the southern end, near
the Lewis River. I'd appreciate any info about particular places to look
for passerines there, especially places where I might get out and walk a

I have both editions of A Birder's Guide to Washington, and I've checked
eBird reports extensively, but I'd appreciate specific information on exact
places to go.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Barry Brugman
Kirkland, WA

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