[Tweeters] WOS Program Monday November 2 - John Marzluff

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Mon Oct 19 21:10:24 PDT 2015

  Our speaker is John Marzluff, James W. Ridgeway Professor ofForest Sciences,  School of Environmentaland Forest Sciences,  University ofWashington.  As expected of anyone whoseemail address is corvid at uw.edu, he isfascinated by and an expert in the study of crows. He is a revered teacher and field ornithologist and researcher who hasbeen involved in research and recovery efforts for the endangered Mariana andHawaiian Crow and whose interest extends to other corvids as well, jays andravens included.  His current researchinterests include studying the effects of forest fragmentation on the nestpredators of the endangered Marbled Murrelet and a variety of songbirds incoastal Washington, understanding how best to conserve birds native to thePacific Islands, and determining how birds respond to urbanization.Professor Marzluff is the author of “Gifts of the Crow” andmost recently of “Welcome to Subirdia”, a fascinating view of birds and thebiological riches of our cities and towns which will be the primary focus ofhis talk.WOS meetings are held the first Monday of every month at theUrban Horticulture Center next to the Union Bay Wildlife Area (MontlakeFill).  Social time begins at 7:00 pm andthe program starts at 7:30.  All are welcome.Blair Bernson, WOS Program Chair 

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