[Tweeters] "THE LIVING BIRD" on FRESH AIR with Terry Gross

Mary Metz maryjmetz at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 16:40:40 PDT 2015

An interview with Gerrit Vyn and Scott Weidensaul, photographer and contributing essayist for "THE LIVING BIRD" respectively, should air on Tuesday, 20 November, on NPR's "Fresh Air." I think KUOW2 (90.7 in B'ham or online) runs it in the morning starting at 9:00 while it's featured on KPLU in the early evening (6:30). I'm not sure about other radio stations in the Tweeterverse but it should be worth a listen.


ps. Is anyone else being inundated with dark-eyed juncos the last few weeks? They're outnumbering the black-capped chickadees in my backyard--and even eating suet! -m

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