[Tweeters] American Dippers in Seattle area

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Just to add to the general discussion of American Dippers, if you’ve never read John Muir’s essay on the Dipper, which he calls the Ouzel or Water Thrush, I highly recommend it. It appeared as Chapter 13 in his book The Mountains of California in 1894. Here’s a link to the essay: http://www.yosemite.ca.us/john_muir_writings/the_mountains_of_california/chapter_13.html

BTW, in this essay he also describes Dippers feeding in lakes, albeit mountain lakes.


Gene Beall

Sammamish, WA

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American Dippers right in the Seattle area seem to be very rare, so it's interesting to think about Dippers as a "vagrant"! Here are a few more notes that came to my mind about Dippers in the Seattle area while reading this thread:

- The one reported today at the Montlake Fill is, to my knowledge, the first one ever reported there. This is likely the single spot in the entire state most visited by birders, so pretty amazing to have one show up!

- One was seen on 10-5-2010, and 8 days later, at the UW Fish Hatchery (now defunct) on the south side of the UW Medical Center.

- There are 2 records on eBird of American Dipper at the Cedar River Mouth down in Renton, one in November 2009 and one in February 2015.

- The 2 Green Lake sightings (one from yesterday, and Martin's from 1989) are particularly interesting to think about - I wonder if they followed streams to get there, or if they flew in from higher up. That would be a shocker to be at a random spot and have a Dipper fly by!

Evan Houston

Seattle, WA

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