[Tweeters] Brown Booby remains in Dugeness Bay

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Mon Oct 19 14:00:46 PDT 2015

Just stopped by 3 Crabs Rd. north of Sequim, on my way to Neah Bay. Too foggy when I got there to even think about scoping for Brown Booby, but a few minutes later, the fog shifted and cleared enough that I could see the lighthouse. So I got out my scope and decided to give it a 10 minute try, despite the lousy viewing.

And, wonder of wonders, about 7 minutes of scoping and I got on a dark bird that wasn’t a cormorant and wasn’t a gull, and watched it long enough to be sure I was, indeed, watching a juvenile BROWN BOOBY fly around. At one point, it came west enough to be almost straight out from 3 Crabs.

The profile is very distinctive, with the long conical bill and the head, and then a slight but distinct angle - I guess the bird was almost always looking down. The long bill makes the neck seem particularly far back. The wings were pointed and subtly darker on the distal ends of the dorsal surface. It would flap slowly for several flaps, and then glide a bit, with the wings held down and down-curving. Several times, gulls harassed it a bit; no major tangles, just little feints. Eventually the bird landed on a floating log, too far out to really make out well, except to say that it sat very erect. And then the fog moved in.

Earlier, the CLARK’S GREBE was just off from the pier at Dash Point Park (Pierce Co.), making for excellent viewing.

A county bird and a state bird, and I’m still 2 hours east of Neah Bay!

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