[Tweeters] Fw: Mukilteo, WA Dead gulls

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Mon Oct 19 12:24:40 PDT 2015

This is the response I got about the dead gulls. Pretty sick business!


We confirmed that the Dept of F&W did investigate this situation and determined that its the USDA using gull effigies to deter additional birds from congregating in the area/on the dock. Because this method can be effective and prevent new birds from being culled, we don't typically speak out against the practice although of course we have concerns about how the gulls being used were killed in the first place. Sometimes entities will use road kill, but the chances of the USDA scouting out/finding multiple gulls who were victims on the roadway is sadly slim. So it's still disturbing but at least they're attempting to use a partial non-lethal method rather than just poisoning or slaughtering dozens of birds.

Thanks again for reaching out for help and for your compassion and concern!

Jenn Forbes, Senior Cruelty Caseworker

Cruelty Investigations Department

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