[Tweeters] Dipper Occurrence and Altitude

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 16:58:48 PDT 2015

Hello all,
I've seen mentions of A. Dipper occurrence at "low altitudes" in the recent
discussion and I thought it might be worth mentioning the low altitude
occurrence isn't really unusual for this species. A quick perusal of eBird
records turns up tons of sightings along rivers in places like Carnation
(roughly 100 ft above sea level) and Monroe (roughly 50ft above sea level).
Not to mention a ton of reports from darn near sea level on the Olympic
Peninsula. I imagine Dippers are happy to forage wherever the habitat
provides the right conditions, which probably frequently includes the
free-flowing streams that snake through some of our suburban areas.

The out of habitat sightings, such as Green Lake, Marymoor and the Montlake
Fill (where I see a report from today) are much more interesting. Perhaps
dippers can eek out a bit of food from these areas while they search for
better spots to spend the winter.

Josh Adams
Lynnwood, WA
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