[Tweeters] American Dipper at Greenlake today

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Hey tweets, I don't know about Green Lake records, but in Gene Hunn's book, "Birding in Seattle and King County," he notes that there are a few winter records for American Dippers in the lowlands of King County, and some nesting records as well:
• a few nesting below Snoqualmie Falls
• nesting birds on Tokul Creek near Fall City
• a pair with young near Kenmore in Wallace Swamp Creek Park
• a winter record in Wallace Swamp Creek just upstream from Lake Washington
• a famous one that frequented the trout hatchery outlet in Seward Park for 12 years, 1978-89.

So American Dippers can be found in out of the way places, but a Green Lake bird is still super. - Connie, Seattle

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> Tweeters,

> Kate Tillotson and I saw an American Dipper at Greenlake this afternoon

> near the softball field located directly south of the pool. The bird

> flew in from near the swimming area, landed on the lake, swam for a few

> seconds, then headed to the lakes edge where it proceeded to feed around

> exposed rocks. Given the unusual nature of seeing this species there

> would welcome any input about previous records. Maybe Martin Muller will

> chime in.

> Sorry for the late report but we had no access at the time to pass this

> along to the group.

> All the best

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