[Tweeters] Black duck like bird with Mallards

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I don't know of any domesticated duck that has a dark bill and dark legs; they also have bill and legs similar to wild-type mallard (except for the white breeds, with orange bill and legs). This is truly a mystery, because all of the black, duck-like birds I know either have light bills (e.g. American Coot, Scoters), or areas of non-black (e.g. Scaup, Ring-Necked Duck). The only all-black, swimming bird that comes to mind is a Pelagic Cormorant, but those have a very different profile than a duck.
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A true Black Duck has feet, legs, and bill similar to a Mallard. Sounds more like a domestic derivative of some sort.

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I was at Greenlake on Tuesday morning about 8 am and saw a totally black bird with the mallards. Feathers were black, beak was black, legs and feet were dark. This was along the shore near the boat rental / coffee shop.

What is it? American Black Duck isn't here. Also the photos don't look as dark as the bird that I saw.

I will have to start carrying my camera with me on my early morning walks.

Carolyn Heberlein Seattle WA

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