[Tweeters] Whitman, Lincoln, Adams Counties

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Thu Oct 15 15:31:46 PDT 2015


My route today began at Steptoe Butte in Whitman County and ended at Sprague
Lake in Lincoln/Adams Counties. Here are some of the notable birds

Steptoe Butte: Adult Golden Eagle, GRAY CROWNED ROSY FINCHES (2), Varied
Thrush, Evening Grosbeak, Pine Siskin

Rock Lake, Whitman County: Western Grebe (2), Eared Grebe (7), Horned Grebe
(3), SURF SCOTERS (4),

Sprague Lake, Lincoln side: Red-necked Grebe (2)

Sprague Lake, Adams side: Osprey, SURF SCOTERS (5), BLACK BELLIED PLOVER
(1), LAPLAND LONGSPUR (6) - Watering Tank (pools) near the hay bales,
American Pipits, Mountain Bluebirds

Terry Little
Mead, Wa

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