[Tweeters] Nebraska cone-head ( neoconocephalus nebrascensis )

Rick Forsman rjforsman at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 12 20:18:50 PDT 2015

I was outside in fall city at 8:00 pm finishing up a few chores and saw this little thing flying slowly in large 20' circle so I walked towards it thinking it might be a hummingbird but it turns out it lands in the back of my pick up truck and it's a bright green grasshopper type creature! it rested itself underneath the lip of my bed out of the rain and I get some good pictures. With so many people moving into the area I'm sure that it's to ride on someone's vehicle .I'm 90% sure it's the Nebraska conehead how odd .thought I would post ,since it was flying after all.
Should I just let it be ?
is it highly invasive ?
anybody that wants to see the picture can email me.

Bird On !!!

Rick forsman
Fall city Wa.

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