[Tweeters] Mason County blog update, upcoming field trip

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 11 21:48:49 PDT 2015

Hey Tweets!

I put up a "Birds for thought" page on the blog, which is basically a list of what I'm looking for, including any bird that is left on the Mason County Checklist (minus things like Red-eyed Vireo) plus a few that aren't on the list yet. It's imaginative if nothing else! Imagination may be helpful as I try to scour the county for the last few birds that I add for the year.

The actual list of "easy" birds left: American Coot, Eurasian Wigeon, Common Murre, Ring-necked Pheasant and... Just maybe Cinnamon Teal, although they have one tertial out the door at this point.

Field trip!

At www.wos.org, click on the field trip link and you'll see a little description for a Mason County field trip with a slightly different format. It's heading out on Sunday October 18th and there are two spots remaining!

Happy Birding!

-Tim Brennan

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