[Tweeters] Neah Bay Trip, Oct. 7-9

bruce paige BBPaige at nikola.com
Sat Oct 10 17:36:52 PDT 2015

I spent a couple of days in Neah Bay, and fortuitously ran into Ryan Merrill when I arrived. So I spent quite a bit of time looking for the notable birds he and others have recently found with mixed success.

I wandered by the woods across from the Mini Mart numerous times, but could find neither the American Tree Sparrow or Yellow Warbler. The Golden-crowned Sparrow flock with which the rarer sparrow was associated must have tired of seeing me!

I finally found the flock of 9 White-fronted Geese at the waterfront and again later on the high school football field, but no Snow Geese were among them.

On the 8th, I found the described Clay-colored Sparrow just east of the Transfer Plant, and a Swamp Sparrow in the nearby marsh edge.

On the 9th, the Blue-winged Teal was swimming in the swamp along the Backtrack Rd. near the high school as Ryan described.

Before heading out of Neah Bay, I decided to search near the Mini-Mart one more time for the Tree Sparrow. No dice! A Grasshopper Sparrow instead hopped into a shrub from the woodland's grassy edge on the SE side and allowed a few photos.

You really do have no idea what you will come across out there!

Bruce Paige
Sequim, WA
spruceak at yahoo.com

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